Amazing National Family Benefit Scheme

National Family Benefit Scheme is a vital social welfare program that plays an important role in providing financial support to families in need.

The National Family Benefit Scheme (NFBS) is a crucial social welfare program that is designed to provide financial assistance to families who have lost their primary breadwinner.

National family benefit Scheme is aimed at helping these families to cope with the sudden loss of income and to ensure that they are able to maintain a basic standard of living despite the difficult circumstances.

National family benefit Scheme -What is the amount of national family benefit scheme?

National Family Benefit Scheme aims to provide a lump sum family benefit of Rs 10,000/- to the bereaved households in case of the death of the primary breadwinner irrespective of the cause of death. The scheme is applicable to people in the age bracket of 18-64 years.

National family benefit Scheme- Who are the beneficiaries of ?

National Family Benefit Scheme the family benefit will be paid to suchsurviving member of the household of the deceased poor, who after local inquiry, is found to be the head of the household. For the purpose of the scheme, the term “household” would include spouse, minor children, unmarried daughter and dependent parents.

National family benefit Scheme -Which is the national family is a benefit scheme scheme under?

National Family Benefit Scheme (NFBS) is an integral part of theNational Social Assistance Programme (NSAP). Families living below the poverty line are entitled to get financial benefits after the death of the sole breadwinner under this scheme.

National family benefit Scheme -What is the objective of government scheme?

The majority of these government schemes are designed tohelp the economically deprived, rural, or vulnerable people in society. The beneficiaries of these government schemes mostly comprise of economically backward or weaker sections of the society and low-income families.


National family benefit Scheme -What documents are required for National family benefit Scheme?

  • Aadhaar Card details.
  • Bank Account details.
  • Death certificate issued by Registrar death and birth.
  • Income Certificate(issued by competent officer)/NFSA card details.
  • 2 (two) passport size photograph.
  • Age proof certificate issued by the competent Authority .
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